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A unique, long lasting, safe, liquid Chlorine Dioxide product that outperforms traditional biocides. 

• A single product, ready to use with no onsite generation required.


• Produces formulated, sustainable Chlorine Dioxide in liquid form.

• Groundbreaking chemical buffering results in a long shelf life (+12 months) with no product degradation even at elevated temperatures and outdoor storage.

• High product stability. Minimal vapour evolution during

transport and storage under 55°C.

• Performance is not limited by pH with biocidal efficacy

maintained over a wide range of water pH (4 to 9.5).

• Complex oxidants inhibit the formation of harmful chlorinated by-products.

• No gassing from solution and minimises headspace and water line corrosion.

• The most effective oxidant in water treatment for the control of bacteria, biofilm, pathogens, fungi, and   waterborne viruses.

Extended biocide release activity delivers superior results at lower dosage levels. 

• Liquid Chlorine Dioxide is produced in situ by dilution in the target water stream via a simple dosing pump to a pipeline or tank.

• An equilibrium is created where sodium chlorite is reproduced from the reduction of Chlorine Dioxide during its interaction with micro-organisms and other organics.

Operational cost reduction 

High available biocide concentration for precision, lower chemical dosing requirement drives significant cost savings through: 

• Chemical expenditure

• Logistics 

• Storage

• Energy, water and maintenance

• System damage and corrosion

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Key ESG Benefits:

• Significant increases in the amount of water that can be reused and recycled safely in virtually all applications.

• Significant operational cost reductions are delivered through lower chemical dosing requirements.

• This regenerative chemistry sustains the

formation of Chlorine Dioxide and reduces the chemical dosage requirement for more precise, safer treatment.

• Better system control at lower dosage results in reduced site visits for chemical deliveries.

• Significant reduction in gas emissions as a disinfectant by-product.

• Long shelf life even when stored outside at higher temperatures allows for significant reduction in product testing and replacement reducing emissions from regular site visits.

• Reduction in chemical residuals in waste water reduced pollution levels in surrounding water table.


Differentiation from other Chlorine Dioxide products available today:

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Klarolaks can be applied safely into the target water stream and monitored remotely to ensure system control even in heavy use applications such as desalination, refinery cooling towers, and fracking.

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